Nineteenth Century Podcast

A great resource for 'A Christmas Carol'.  This podcast explores the causes of poverty and the attitudes of the church and wider society.  It also covers how the visual arts and sciences approached the causes and possible solutions to this problem.  lots here so best listened to in 15 minute chunks...
the podcast can be accessed Here.

Supplementary Science Resources

Edexcel Physics Paper 1 –
Summary of all above and revision guides à

Geography Resources

(this is a new section of the bitesize area that has been written specifically for the new specification.) 

GCSE Geography revision guides and question banks covering Rivers, Ecosystems, tourism and resources and all core GCSE Geography topics.

 Good for general knowledge, Doddle is fantastic for a range of activities and exam skills 

A comprehensive site exploring Geography, with online lessons, revision sheets, and easy to read information about the geography topics you cover at school. 

Maths Revision Resources

The recommended websites are:
Also, remember that by using the  PIXL Maths App you not only boost your learning capacity but the highest users in Year 11 are entered into a competition.

P.E. Wider Reading

These three sites will keep you up to date with all the recent developments in the world of Sport

Science Links

Here is a comprehensive list of the Science resources selected and recommended by your teachers.

Sam LearningEdexcel science 2018

Save my exams – great for  lots of exam practice – 9-1 Science

Memrise - great for keys words and definitionse.g.

Edexcel website – Specification and sample assessment materials
 CGP online version of the revision guide – once you’ve bought it à the code on the front page of the book for an online version and answers to questions at the bottom of each page.
 For Combined science and separate sciences à

Gojimo Free App

This app works on all phone types and has content that enables revision on the move.

How to Climb a Mountain

This piece reflects on some of the qualities that we discuss during SRL sessions.  This is guidance about how to prepare, both physically and mentally, for a mountain climb.
Read it and translate the advice into the process needed to make progress in your studies.  You will see that much of it is linked; Training, Preparation, Planning, Pace and Getting Fit.  Also good if you actually want to climb a real mountain!
Read it Here


This excellent resource allows you to create short quizzes, flashcards and other resources for your studies.  This was recently featured on BBC's Click programme as a good online resource for learning.
Find it Here

MfL Revision:

This site is called Languages Online – it has lots of language learning activities for Spanish, French, German & Italian.

Drama GCSE Sites

Here is the GCSE Drama Bitesize page with all the resources linked to the separate course requirements.
Here is a link to practical resources relating to stagecraft (lighting, set design, props), direction, acting and all that theatre entails- posted by the National Theatre.
Drama has it's own blog.  Click here to go to it.

Multiple Intelligences

It might be useful to get to know your learning preferences; how your brain prefers to get information 'inputted'.  This site offers clear definitions of some types of intelligence and there are free tests at the bottom where you can learn more about your learning (and revising) strengths.

Different Visualisation Methods

This page may offer some inspiration as to how structure your notes in a more memorable way prior to revision.  Just hover your mouse over a part of the table and it will show you another way of representing information.

Revision World

This site has plenty of resources.  As well as basic notes there are quick quizzes and a selection of exam questions.  You do not have to register in order to access a wealth of material but it is free nonetheless.

BBC Exam Tips

This page is one of a few BBC resources that offer advice on approaching the exam period.  The pages cover issues from examination technique to staying healthy during the examination period.

Revision Centre

Another set of revision notes for a variety of subjects here.  These might be useful in generating your own sets of revision cards.


This web-based set of resources has some capacity to self test a range of subjects.  It could be used as an addition to BBC Bitesize.

Revision Cards

Revision cards can be made from scratch but Here you can part with £5.49 if you wish to have a set of blank playing cards to design your own revision resources.

Revision Tips

A site that covers all the areas of planning required to maximise revision time and perhaps some new techniques.  They can be accessed Here

Exam Time site

This site offers software to make revision cards, mindmaps and quzzes.  If you are happy with registering and their terms and conditions you gain free access.

Tips for making Notes

A brief but very clear set of instructions for making fresh notes in the classroom.  They can also be used to condense notes into a more 'digestible' form for revision.
Viewable Here

GCSE Poetry Slideshows

Here are a set of audio-visual slideshows that cover some of the poems from the GCSE course.  A section of Bitesize that assists those who like to mix in some Audio-based revision